Summary in English

In the village Sødinge in the middle of the island Funen lies the house Gammel Have (Old Garden), an artist's residence where nordic writers and other artists who need peace and inspiration can apply for a stay.

The house is owned by a foundation, and it is largely as it was inhabited by the founder, Margrethe Hansen - an unusual woman, characterized by danish high school and rural culture.

Gammel Have contains living room, large living room, two bedrooms with four beds, kitchen, utility room and bathroom. Linens, sheets and towels are provided. There is fast internet connection with WiFi. The house has a beautiful garden, it is peacefully located in a rural setting that invites you to go for walks and bike rides (a bicycle exists). It's about three kilometers to train and shops, walking distance to local bus.

The duration of the stay is typically one month, possibly more. The price is 3700 DKK per month from april to september. Other months 2700 DKK.

Apart from this summary the website presents all information in danish. It's an expression of nordic fraternity. The scandinavian languages are closely related and almost every citizen of the nordic countries get acquainted with one of these languages in school.